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Re: ABT Performance Upgrades

     I hate to be the kind of person that tries to make other people look 
     bad, But JTMotorsport does it without any help.
     Not to go into details, but they really screwed me on an ABT order, 
     and when I confirmed what they had sent me wasn't even for my car, 
     they refused to take the product back or exchange it or offer any sort 
     of help at all.
     If you're after ABT, there is a good source that advertises in EC.
     But, try to steer clear of JT.
     Like I said, I hate to rip on a vendor, but they're F****D.
     Sorry if this isn't proper netiquette, but I feel that my fellow 
     listers need to know who to look for and who to look OUT for.
     Regards, Todd.

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Subject: ABT Performance Upgrades
Author:  Joel Cohen <joelc@hookup.net> at Internet
Date:    2/12/96 08:34 PM

I have a '96 A4 Quattro 5 Speed with the 2.8L V6 12 valve engine and am 
considering installing the ABT Performance Upgrade.  The problem is that no 
two sources have given me the same(or even ballpark for that matter) 
regarding the resulting hp and torque increase resulting from such an 
upgrade.  I would appreciate the answer or, in lieu thereof, a push in the 
right directikn regarding the resulting increase in both hp and torque.
Please note, that I have already contacted JT Motorsport at (805) 579-9123. 
The informed me that the resulting hp and torque and 230 hp and 230 lb/ft 
respectively.  Although these guys out to know, this seems kind of high to 
me.  Any thoughts?
Also, should I be considered and mods performed by Hoppen Motorsport?
Laslty, what should this thing cost?  I have been quoted prices between 
$3,500 US and $7,000 US.