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Re: No low end power until warm

> Is having a hesitation/lack of power from a standing start until the engine
> is well warmed up "normal" in a 1989 100?
> I ask because my dealer could not "isolate the problem."  It is NOT my
> imagination.  

In response to the above, Duane wrote:
>My '89 100Q sort of does this. If it is really cold (about 0F), it
>has no power at all until it starts to warm up a little. >Pressing the
>throttle too much makes it seem like it's about to stall.

Duane, exactly!!  That is just what my car does.  Sure hope someone else will
be able to shed light on this problem.

We are dying from lack of wonder, not from lack of wonders.

Rick Dale in Pennsylvania
89 100E