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Re: 83TQC handling (fwd)

>I'm a little confused - your '83 should have a rear anti-sway bar. Plus, at
>80K miles, your original struts are definitely worn out. So at this point,
>anything you do to your suspension will yield an improvement. The first 
>I would do in your case is find the rear anti-sway bar, then replace the

In the 1983 model year starting with vin D0542, the TQC was changed to
the 4000q suspension. The changes being different size wheel
bearings, different ball joints, different type of control arm bushings,
front sway bar has heim join ends and no rear sway bar. In fact most
of the entire suspension is different. The TQC in question must be a
late 83 build.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
sorry, no A4 - just livin' in the past