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Re: VIN translation please

>>Based on some of your comments, I would guess that 436 is LATE in the
>>'83 model run.So how come the build date on the door plate is 5/82?
>Your car is just what you think it is, a model year 1983 TQC. The 'D' in
>the 10th position of the VIN shows the year, 83, E=84, F=85, etc. Yours
>was number 436 built in model year 83 and was assembled in 5/82. For
>comparison my 83 TQC is 072 and was built in 12/81. Your car would
>be classified as an early 83, it has the early style suspension and the
>fuse box is located under the dash. The late 83 cars had the revised
>suspension and somewhere around this same time the fuse box
>was moved to under the hood. I have seen an 83 with the under hood
>fuse box on cars around VIN D0600.
>Not sure how high the VINs go. There is an 83 TQC owner on the net
>with a special import car with a production number over 17XX, right
>Hope this helps.
> -
>Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com

Right...I'll go home and check that one out later today.


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