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Fwd: 83 TQC handling-inquiry part 2

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Subj:    83 TQC handling
Date:    96-02-13 22:25:33 EST
From:    RDG51
To:      quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net

thanks to all those responding to my inquiry.  A few more details may help
sort out the problem further, if your patience allows.  MY car is apparently
a late 83, no factory sway bar installed. I have heard various opinions about
whether they actually worked, and being they are NLA it might be a moot
point, although I hear they might be reproduced . Ihave replaced the
suspension bushings (rubber) but not the upper strut bushings, which I plan
to do when changing shocks, although I understand they are expensive. It
sounds like new shocks are the way to go, least spent for most gain. Another
suggestion by my local guru is to use 84 springs which are slightly lower and
stiffer but not nearly as harsh or low as the aftermarket springs.  These
would add to the cost of mods, especially since the car would need
 realigning (I just did it ) Any opinions as to the value of a used set of
springs and the impact on handling they would provide, as well as type and
settings of shocks would be greatly appreciated.  Sources in the NY/CT  for
info and parts?  Oh, How do I access archived info?  Thanks!  RDG%51@aol.com.