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wastegate spring related stuff

Richard Funnell wrote:


>What is this fuel pump relay control box?  What does it do and how
>does it work?  Sounds interesting.


The fuel pump relay shuts down the fuel pump during periods of
overboost.  When changing to a stiffer spring, boost is increased
past the factory settings.  This extra boost, which is what we want,
is seen by the computer as overboost (bad stuff).  To circumvent the
overboost one can bypass it by grounding pin # 24(?) on the 50 pin
connector on the computer.  Doing this allows one to have as much
boost as the installed spring will allow without overboost control.
Our good friend Charlie Smith, who had the springs made for those of
us that ordered them, is also reportedly making an overboost by-pass
box that will plug into the factory harness connections.  Charlie is
the Doctor on this one.  
You can email Charlie at this address or for more info search the 
October/November archives.