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S4 List members ! A little Belt help ?

Hello there fellow list members :

My brother and I are looking for the Timing Belt and Serpentine Belt for a
1993 S4, the dealer prices seem high $ 60 for timing and $ 75 for the
Serpentine Belt and since it is the first time we bought these belts ......
we were wondering about the cost.

anyways we called Shokan and they said it was a dealer item for that price,
the Columbus area Audi dealers were not much help either saying the words
"order item" and the above prices..... I have heard people talk about Carlsen
Audi.... is that a good place to try ? are the prices quoted standard for a
good OEM or better belt ? Should I expect to get an S4 belt from the mail
order / phone order channel or should I bite the dealer bullet ?

I seem to recall the price I have paid for the standard 5cyl. engine was less
than 25 for a timing belt. Anyways just wondering if the belt is magical or
if the nameplate raises the price....

I am going to call Blaufernugen tommorow (thanks Bob). If anyone has any
other suggestions please let me know.

Thanks for the help,

90 90