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Schrick Cams/A4 tested

Sb: RE: Schrick cams/ A4-tested Fm: Peter Henriksen >
INTERNET:peterhe@microsoft.com To: colin cohen 102621,2256

Do you have any idea of the cost involved in the setup you drove?

About $2500 I believe. To all those who sent me words of encouragement to stick
with a broadcast on the V6 and its mod. ability - thanks. Actually I sort of
envy those of you who get to enjoy the vooomah of the late series TQs, but I
can no longer abide a manual shift in bumper/bumper traffic. Urban traffic is
awful or for cowboys, which from a liability perspective, makes the former look
like a death wish. So I went with the first auto Q I could afford, hence a

The only reason why I am not lining up for the Schrick change is the vibration
at idle, which is induced by a need to remap the chip, which no one is prepared
to do - yet. While not fast off the mark, I can use ALL my 100's performance,
often. As opposed to owning a car where its performance is only available on
the track, for which I never have the time. Each to their own.

I will get the specs on the cams and post them later.