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Re: the search for Peter...

> While I meant to be critical of the present situation, the service I did
> get
> from Peter @ AudiOnly was great while it lasted, indeed I passed him on to
> others.

Same here, on both counts.  Would love to keep doing business with him, he's a
real good guy.  Thinking maybe a long distance thing was the problem, I had Ann
(who lives in Boulder) call him local, and she got the same message.  Kinda

> For the moment I feel kind of
> like
> a Baltimore resident after the Colts left in the middle of the night.

Yes, but now we get another team to replace 'em, and it'll only cost us
Marylander's a cool hundred million to build the damn stadium.  Hopefully
finding a new favorite vendor won't cost me as much.

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