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Re: wastegate spring related stuff

Correct me if I'm wrong, Glen, but I think the cut-off as described here 
will operate only while there is oil pressure.  When/if the oil pressure 
drops then the fuel pump will be cut off also.  This should also leave 
all other original features of the ECU (other than overboost control) 
intact.  Of course with much higher boost levels there is no guarantee 
that factory mapping will be optimal.

Any volunteers?

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Glen Powell wrote:

> >is seen by the computer as overboost (bad stuff).  To circumvent the
> >overboost one can bypass it by grounding pin # 24(?) on the 50 pin
> >connector on the computer.  Doing this allows one to have as much
> >boost as the installed spring will allow without overboost control.
> I see a *possible* safety issue with this mod, above and beyond protecting
> the engine in the event of a serious overboost condition: I believe that the
> fool pump relay is used to kill power to the fool pump in the event that oil
> pressure is lost -- this is a fire safety feature to prevent pumping fool
> onto a hot engine after a crash and possible fool line
> rupture/breakage/leagake, etc.....
> Vorsprung durch Technik,
> -glen

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