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Re: Pennzoil 10w35 !!

>        I just got back my second oil analysis from the Quattri.  I had
>been using Pennzoil 10/30 synthetic, and all levels were within normal
>wear rates.  Further, I thought it was interesting, that the viscosity
>came out to 35!  So what I had was actually 10?w35.  I've had oil thin
>out before when I was running the fuel injection too rich (on the RX7 -
>user programmable - lots o' fun)but have never seen thicker oil.

It could be a non-standard test method, or a poorly calibrated viscometer,
or poor temperature control or....
...or your oil could be thicker :-)

>        I really don't know enough about it to interpret all the wear
>rates, but the company that does it for me will tell me if they see
>something abnormal, I hope.  :-)

I wonder how they'll do that without baseline measures for your engine type...

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