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Re: Pennzoil 10w35 !!

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Robert S. Cohen wrote:

> It could be a non-standard test method, or a poorly calibrated viscometer,
> or poor temperature control or....
> ...or your oil could be thicker :-)


	I suspect the latter.

> >        I really don't know enough about it to interpret all the wear
> >rates, but the company that does it for me will tell me if they see
> >something abnormal, I hope.  :-)
> I wonder how they'll do that without baseline measures for your engine type...

	That's just it - they keep my analyses on file, so that they can
track trends.  If suddenly, something goes way up, then they alert me to
that fact, and I can look into my motor to find out why. 

	Two years ago (maybe three - I'm not sure) they did oil analyses 
for free at the SCCA runoffs in Atlanta.  They had a guy on a motorcycle 
running samples back to the lab, and they were faxing the results back to 
the track.  One 'customer' in a Porsche 911 was participating, and 
samples taken all weekend were showing no signs of trouble until the last 
day before his race, when they saw a markedly sharp rise in copper.  I 
guess that particular Porsche engine only has copper in the distributor 
bushings, so they checked those, and found that the distributor was about 
to fail.  They changed it.  Talk about converts!

Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
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