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Re: racecar engineering

>racecar engineering did an excellent article last year on racing >differentials.  including the torsen gleeson type.  i suggest you >contact them and ask for a reprint.

>racecar engineering
>n/a distributor is:
>eric waiter & assoc
>369 springfield ave
>berkley heights
>nj 07922
>ph (908) 665-7811
>fax (908) 665-7814

As I posted sometime in january allready , the article everybody
is looking for was a special supplement to racecar engineering
Edition 1994 Vol 3 No 5 and called: The racing differential.
But this article just gives a basic overview and doesn't go
into details of the Torsen design.

      Hans-Juergen Schneider
      Internet: hschnei@ibm.net
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