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Your New Audi

Nivi - re: your car with evidence of repaired damage.  The car may not 
have been in any accidents.  Cars are sometimes dinged or bumped on 
the lot and repaired by the dealer.  This is not considered to have been 
an accident, and the car is new with the damage properly repaired.

However - IF the car was sold to you as (in essence) "never damaged" 
and you have evidence of damage, it is certainly worth being 
assertive about.  I would not threaten legal action until after I 
had done a serious sit-down (NOT a phone call) with the sales manager 
or dealership owner and presented my case.  Make sure you know in 
advance what you want.  If you get absolutely no satisfaction - not 
even replacement of warped or damaged parts - then perhaps a small 
claims court action would be worthwhile.  But you'll kill any 
goodwill you have with that dealership.   Estimate cost vs. benefit.

I suggest that you probably want any damaged parts replaced, and 
possibly a slight reduction in price (refund) of $1000 or so.  
Remember, to the dealer, as long as a ding or bump has been repaired, 
the car is NEW.  Also, to most customers, as long as the damage has 
been repaired invisibly, the car is NEW.  You are more discriminating 
than most, so you're really trying on their "good will" for 
adjustments in this case.

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