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Re: Audi Styling...con'td

>         This new A6 model is currently under testing in Germany and
> should come to the U.S. sometime in the fall of 1997.

It's probably going to be introduced at the Paris auto show this fall, with
availability about a year from now in Europe.

> That is also
> when we should see ano ther real fast Audi (replacement for the S4/S6)
> with the 300 hp 30 valve (5V pe r cylinder) turbocharged V6 motor!

Yes, the 30V turbo is due out in both the S4 and the S6, but the hp rating
is supposed to be 265, according to CAR.  Still, that'll easily keep up
with Volvo wagons (for S6) and the M3 (for S4).

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