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Re: Audi Styling... part zwei

> > udi A6 look great!  They are going more in that A4 style, but 
> > keeping some of the 500 conservative characteristics!  It looks 
> > great, and much more sporty look
> I've never heard of these 500 conservative characteristics.  Where 
> can I find a listing of them?   :-)

No, not mere 500 -- but 5000 of 'em. But then, Audi found that being too 
conservative has its price, so Audi has slashed those 5000 conservative 
characteristics to only 200 important ones in the early '90s. And of 
late, Audi has further cut down on those character builders to those 
deemed significant. And they called those 6 significant characters and 
called it "A-six." Vorsprung durch nummer.

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