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Re: Heater Blower, An Easier Way

>Well I finally got around to doing the heater blower in my beast, Heated 
>driver's seat is next but I have a REAL good idea where the heater is 
>broken.... Kinda where it burned me would be a clue.  Okay I think I've 
>got a faster way but it's just a little ugly.... Here's how I did it. 


>With the housing raised take the steak knife and cut the black blower 
>duct so that it can be compressed on itself and slid futher into the 
>blower box duct.
>Install as they say is the reverse of the removal.  Use the RTV or 
>Silicone to seal the black duck that you cut and the blower housing back 
>to the firewall.  That's it.  I did this in Half an Hour by myself in 30F 

The way I did this...cut the black transition piece that goes from the AC
evaporator core to the blower box in half down the spine, and throw it away.
The blower can be rempved by flexing the impeller as the old one is removed.
You may want to cut (with tin snips) some of the stubout on the AC box so it
fits better.

Put the new one in the same way by flexing the impeller (carefully!!).  I
got my new one without moving the blower box, or the AC box.  Yes it can be
done, cuz I did it.  Get a piece of dryer exhaust duct or flexible HVAC duct
from a hardware store (the steel wire reinforced kind) and install it as the
transition piece for easy removal the next time the new one goes out (60kmi
from now!).  Secure the duct with long nylon zip-ties.  It's all under the
big black plastic sheet (with Audi logo) anyway.

 - Mitch Loescher
   '87 5000S Quattro