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quattros for sale

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  OFFICE MEMO          quattros for sale                     
An interesting website for those of you in the Upper Midwest looking
for a used quattro.  AutoHaus of Royal Oak (Michigan) has the following
quattro listings with pictures (http://ahro.com):

1990 V8 Q; Pearl White/Black; auto; 86K miles; $16,900.
1992 100CSQW; Pearl White/Black leather; auto; all options; 49K miles;
1993 S4; Emerald/Ecru; 59K miles; $29,900.

Plus assorted FWD Audis.  A friend and co-worker got a good deal on a
red 1992 100CSQW several weeks ago and was pleased with the sales staff
(ask for Jerry).  The usual disclaimers apply (I do not have any
financial interest in this organization).  I'd be happy to check out
any of these cars (I'm seriously considering the S4) for list members. 
Call (517) 797-2644 days or (517) 332-4369; e-mail at

Mike Thomas
Quattro Club
1993 90CSQ Sport
1992 Mitsubishi Expo Sport AWD
1984 4000S (225K and going strong)
plus a long historical list