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PS hose, PITA

	Thanks for all the replies on suggested shops in the Boston area.  Since 
this weekend was so nice, I decided to tackle the PS hose R&R myself.  Looked 
like 1-2 hour job, tops.

	Got the old hose out with NO problem.  Cleaned up the mounting holes, 
mounted the new hose in place, started the top (pump) banjo bolt, reached down 
to put in the lower (rack) bolt, and..........

	FIVE hours later, very skinned right hand, a LOT of cussing, and total 
frustration.  I took a break to install the new Hella XL Aux Low beams.  I 
decided to mount them on top of the bumper. mounted the new lenses, ran the 
wires, hooked the relay off the daylight "running" lights so the Hellas come on 
whenever the lights do (didn't have to wire anything into the passanger 
compartment, ie, easy) and whalla.  Done in less than 30 mins.  They look GREAT 
on top of the bumper. I was worried about looks/airflow to the intercooler, but 
my worries were unwarented.

	Went back to finishing the PS hose.  Tried for another hour and gave up. 
I can't believe I did this, but the nest morning (Monday) called up AAA and had 
the car flatbedded to Pleasent St. Garage in Marlboro (VW/Audi shop).  About 1 
1/2 hours later i was on my merry way. I HATE that frigging hose.

	So how was everyone elses weekend??

Paul Luevano							  '94 CBR 600F2
prl@ptc.com							  '87 5KCSTQ
Waltham, MA USA							  '86 5KCST
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