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In hondas, the rear wheel turn both direction, depending on the
vehicle speed.  I am not sure exactly what speed, but near 25
mph.  If the speed is below 25 mph, rear wheel turns opposite
direction as front wheels, to aid parking, i guess.  If the
speed exceed 25 mph, the rear turns same direction as the
front, i guess this is to aid lane changes on highway.  Also
the degree of rear wheel turning is minimal.  You can hardly
notice if it is turning.  

passenger car wise, honda dropped it in 92 or 93, however, in
larger scale, per say, bus, they still apply that technology.
all of the 45 feet tour/sightseeing bus from MCI(Motorcoach
Inc.), and Kassabor(?) Setra(Mercedes family, german made) has
this technolgy.  thei dual driving wheels dont steer, but tag
axle behind it turns, and turns a lot.  

I am not sure about Kassabor Setra, but MCI, it only turns to
opposite side at lower speed and lock in in high speed.  Wight
wise, who cares about adding afew pounds in 11 ton bus, and
adding couple thousand in over $300,000 tour bus?  But it must
be working!!!

Peter Yi

85 4000s
93 100 cs
92 Honda prelude 4ws