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Re: Superchargers

>Although Audi has done 
>a fine job of turbocharging cars, the older ones (urQ specifically) can 
>really use some help down low. 

>Yep... thats a great combination for small displacement engines.
>Nowadays however turbo technology has come a long way...S4 gets max boost 
>at 1950 rpm. Why supercharge?! If you really needed it off the line you 
>can play clutch tricks once in a while.  Even with my UrQ getting boost 
>at about 3500, I can still throttle up and get it off the line when 

Good point Bob! The real problem with the stock Ur-Q low end response is
that this car was designed as a homologation special for Pro-Rally
competition. Audi used a *WAY* oversized K26 turbo for comp purposes that is
ill-suited for street use. One kin git back almost all of the lost lowend by
simply upgrading to the S4-type K24 turbo, a bolt-on mod with the required
oil and water hoses, or, perhaps even better, upgrading to one of the
PDQSHIP or RS2 turbos. The S4 turbo was the single best mod I've ever done
to the Ur-Q without doubt!

Vorsprung durch Technik,