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The Konis

      Well I (they) did the Konis.  My friends garage put them in with new wheel
bearings on friday.  Yeah, friday with all the new snow we got. Bad timing. So I
got to drive sideways in the Merkur for the day. 

I put them at 1/2 turn firm.  The car is really improved.  No more of the wallow
etc.  I don't consider it firm at all.  Just well dampened.  I could see going a
little firmer when I do rear Konis one day.

Remember the seat heater I fixed?  It's out again.  The fix lasted for two days.
I bet the wires I fixed just came undone.  The FAQ said you couldn't solder the
nichrome wire so I didn't.  

Do you EEs out there see a problem with splicing in a piece of regular wire?  I
bet the stretching of the seat pulled my fix apart and I need some slack.  What
do you think?