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Seats and such

To cold butts  
  Remember my two day wonder seat heater repair?   Well what with the outside
temps at 60 degrees it seemed like a good time to fix the seat again. It's warm,
therefore I need heat. 

     I pulled the seat, and peeled back the leather.  My fix was still good.
But I had another burn out way at the back of the drivers side bottom side
bolster.  Way back.  I left plenty of slack for this fix by cutting away more of
the cloth covering than I needed to.  I now have a couple of inches or so of
slack.  This fix won't break.

So I'm feeling good about this and I decide to find the problem with the power
recliner that died after my first seat job.  I had pulled the seat back off
completely when I fixed the heater the first time.  You don't need to.  When I
reinstalled the wire plug in to the power seat control module I put it into the
vacant slot.  Seat was dead.  So now I pulled the wire plug back out to see if
maybe it was in backwards or something.  I used a mirror and a light to check
and DUH.....   The slot I had used was a dummy, now my namesake.  A dummy, no
wires or nuthin.  BZZZZZZZZZZZZZT.  Wrong slot.  Top slot, not the bottom.

So all is fixed.

Got a gas smell though.  Not in the car but mostly from the outside.  Not from
the trunk or engine compartment. Mostly on the passenger side.  I did check the
code readout and the gas canister valve is working.  Hose off somewhere?  

Any ideas?