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Al rotors - From the Prowler's mouth


	I talked to Cindy Frei (Program manager for Prowler) today.  She 
said that the aluminum rotors are slated for the back only, while the 
fronts get iron like everybody else.  The front calipers are Minivan 
pieces, the rear calipers are Neon fronts.  She also said that most of 
the advantage of the Prowler over the Viper is its weight advantage.  The 
Aluminum rotors effect braking very little.

	I also talked to the former brake systems manager at Cadillac 
this morning in the coffee room (He is now my manager) and he said that 
they found very little difference in braking distances.  They still 
wanted to do it though because of mass reductions, but it was a $28.00/rotor 
hit, above the price of iron rotors!!  That's alot in OEM terms.

	OTOH, I talked to Ned Ritchie last Friday, who reported using AL 
rotors on a race car at Daytona, and after 24 hours, they looked good as 
new!  Who knows?  I don't.


Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
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