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RE: The Audi Gods wrath!!!!

Hi Dan,

I'm not sure about sacrificing chickens, but putting a hex on Fords and Chevy's 
and repeat the phrase * audi turbo quattro* 30 times and sacrificing 2 or 3 
"cold ones" seems to do the trick.  :-)  I have to give credit where credit is due 
on this one, I had a similar problem with my 89 200TQ so I called Jim @ Blaufergnugen
(friendly and informative-rare combo) Open your driver side door and pull back 
the black rubber boot that is between the top and bottom door hinges. This houses 
all of the wires coming from the window control panel. The insulation on the wires 
have a tendency to get brittle and crack, possibly causing intermittent shorting or
there could be a break in the connection. It is a son of a gun to repair unless
you cut the boot off or find another way to remove it if you don't want
to damage it. There are several good electrical contact cleaners
on the market (Radio Shack et al) that should help with the window switches.

Hope this helps ! Good luck !   :-)


Keith Bidne
Ft Dodge, IA

"We're finally thawing out here, nice to breathe air that dosen't freeze your nose hairs"