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Re: A/C problem/questions

John says:
> Actually, it's illegal for you to fix your own AC system if you are not
> licensed for handling refrigerant.  Best bet is to have it fixed.

Well, speaking as one who has said license, this isn't true.
The only thing that is restricted is the purchase of the
refrigerant - this is what you need the license for. Possession,
use, etc., is perfectly legal. The catch, if you are concerned
with the law, is that you are not supposed to vent a filled
system to the atmosphere - it must be evacuated and the refrigerant
must be recycled. This is the gotcha for most DIYers, because
the evacuation equipment can be costly.

Incidently, it is also legal (although strongly discouraged) to
top-off a known leaking system.

Eric T.     '86 5kS