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Re: Re[2]: I5 piston coolers?

I think you might be thinking of "rifleed" rods which carry oil from 
the crank journal to the wrist pin. Oil squirters (piston coolers) 
were mounted on the block and squirt at the underside of the piston. 

Don't know which motors had the  rifle drilled rods. probably just 
the later ones.

On 20 Feb 96 at 12:10, Todd Candey wrote:

>      Weren't the squirters in the rods to cool the undersides of the
>      pistons? [BZZZTTT anyone](tm)
>      Todd.
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> _________________________________ Subject: Re: I5 piston coolers?
> Author:  "Bruce Bell" <bbell@csn.org> at Internet Date:    2/20/96
> 11:31 AM
> On 20 Feb 96 at 11:08, Glen Powell wrote:
> > I think I remember reading somewhere that all the Audi I5s have
> > the piston oil squirters.....perhaps only after a specific build
> > date.....
> All turbo I5's had the oil squirters, NA I5's only got the squirters
> in 1988 with the NF motor. I understand; however these squirters can
> be retrofitted into the oil galley in the block. 
> Bruce Bell
> bbell@csn.net

Bruce Bell