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Re: Inquiry: Info on 4000Q+Turbo mod(long)


I believe Al used the pop-off valve instead of the wastegate because of
packaging considerations.  I can't remember completely, but I think that
he used the orginal tie rod, and not the modified tie rod from a turbo
coupe.  His car also has HUGE valves (these were done before the turbo),
and he claims well above 200HP.

Cool Stuff.

 On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, linus d. toy wrote:

> At 10:58 PM 02.19.96 -0800, John Karasaki wrote:
> >You're talking about Alex Neckas' and Al Swackhammer's (in that order) cars.
> >Al's car has a turbo engine out of an early ('81 I believe) 5000 in it as
> >well as the turbo fuel management hardware complete with IA magic.  He
> >didn't just bolt on a turbo and drive off.  Alex's car has a 20V turbo
> >engine in it.  A tight fit - no A/C, no power steering - but plenty of power
> >in a stealth package.  Both cars have a lot of thought and work in them.
> >They're well sorted, but are ever evolving as their owners think up ways to
> >push the envelope.  Couldn't run across two nicer guys either.
> yup, them's the ones.  i don't know all the details, but i was pretty sure
> that Al's car started its turbo life as i described above--why a pop-off
> valve if you have the factory turbo/fuel management system?  he may have
> changed it around since i last saw, so we both might be right.  haven't seen
> Alex's car yet in its current form, though as you point out, these two guys
> are constantly evolving their vehicle.  absolutely right--great guys!
> i've often thought about such a conversion, but...guess i'll be happy with
> my '91 200q :)
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