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Re: Fuel & the 4000q

On 20 Feb 96 at 23:42, William Murin wrote:

> Today was fill the q day.  Ran the puppy down to where it needed about 16 
> gallons.  Tried the advice given over the past few days.  Guess what?  It 
> works!!  Couldn't quite get the nozzle to balance in an 180 degree 
> inverted position but came pretty close.  Managed to get the pump to lock 
> in the automatic position one click from fastest.  Never before been able 
> to do that.

A general comment about this 4k fuel thing.  My '81 4k 5+5 has a 
device welded into the filler neck which may or may not be relevant.  
It's about 3 inches or so down the neck, and it stops the nozzle from 
going too far in.  I have observed that because of the way the device 
is shaped, you can get the nozzle sorta under it, and it will hold 
the nozzle nicely, BUT it won't fill right (pump keeps tripping).  
But if you hold end of the nozzle right up against this bit of metal, 
it fills perfectly, tripping about 2 inches from the mouth of the 
neck (is that a mixed metaphor?!).  Is the tank on the older cars?  I 
did notice that the Bentley for my car lists a different size tank on 
the 80-83 than I know is in my car (68 litres).  

Not sure if this is useful/relevant/etc.


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