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Fuel & the 4000q

Today was fill the q day.  Ran the puppy down to where it needed about 16 
gallons.  Tried the advice given over the past few days.  Guess what?  It 
works!!  Couldn't quite get the nozzle to balance in an 180 degree 
inverted position but came pretty close.  Managed to get the pump to lock 
in the automatic position one click from fastest.  Never before been able 
to do that.

Damn thing filled so fast I could not get all the windowns cleaned before 
it clicked off.

Not I know this does not rate up there with dicusions about tires, 
suspension, chip mods, turbo engines for 4ks, etc, but hey, I leanred 
something new--although folks at the gas station were looking at me kind 
of strangely.

Bill Murin