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A4 gets ABT suspension...

hey there..
  I finally have my ABT suspension setup on my A4. I drove to LA and had it
installed at Advanced Automotive Solutions, (310) 559-7764. The springs and
shocks bolted on with no problems. Ride has firmed up a bit, I wouldn't want
to go any firmer. Handling is much better, much crisper turn in. Undrsteer
has been reduced quite a bit, but not enough for my taste. So overall, I
would say the kit was worth doing. I would think that you could get the same
results for a bit less $$$$ if you shopped around and didnt go with ABT.
Tires are also on my list of things to change, I think some P-Zeros would
make things even better. I know most of you guys aren't into the whole
lowered car thing...but I think it looks pretty damn good!! the tires are
centered in the fenderwells almost perfectly. 
   In other news, Dinan Engineering in Mountain View CA is going to be
building chips for the A4. I am going to give them my car for one week so
they can to the R&D on it, and in turn they are going to give me free chip
(not a bad deal). Does anybody have any experience with Dinan?? Everything I
have heard of them has been positive so far. Anybody have any words of wisdom
or caution for me?? 
   I called Hoppen Audi to get some more info on the ABT exhaust system, they
told me that the systems ABT has been sending over are not fitting the US
spec A4's. Something to do with dual cats on the US cars and single cats on
the European cars... I was told it would be 60-90 days before the systems are
ready for US sale...anybody got any more info than this???
   Thats about it for the A4 update....
       till next time...
                   '96 A4q....sporting ABT suspension (cool!)