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Re: Regarding V8


I've been running Goodyear Eagle Aquatred since last spring.  I was 
running Eagle GA's B4 that.  We had a very rainy May here in Colo. and 
the difference in the wet was fantastic.  They perform well in the dry 
and the snow.  No squeal when in high speed on/off ramp driving. 

I've checked out Peter Wales "Superchip" WWW page and had some e-mail 
with him also re: chips.  I need to send him my box number.  As soon as I 
find out more, I'll let you know.

My wife would also prefer if I drove a little slower.  

I would like your V8 folder...Thanks.

I'll write soonest.

Michael LaRosa wrote:
> P.S. Tim I have a giant V8 folder I've collected while
>      researching to buy my V8, if you want it I'll e-mail
>      it, some pretty good reading for anyone interested
>      in V8's