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RE: S6 vs. S4

Every time I've wondered about buying an S6 or an S4 instead of 
continuing to look for a 91 200qw, I've come to two conclusions:

 1) My wife wants a wagon, so the S4 is out.
 2) Why pay 2-2 1/2 times the price of a new S6 wagon?

I've found used S4s to be pretty easy to find, even with low miles and 
in good condition. Now, the 91 200qw is an entirely different animal...

If anybody could enlighten me as to #2, I'd like to hear it (won't 
change my mind - I don't want to spend $48K on a 2nd car).
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, wa

| From: Michael P. Lebow  <mpl2@cec.wustl.edu>
| To:  <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
| Subject: S6 vs. S4
| Date: Wednesday, February 21, 1996 6:25PM
| Thanks all for the info. I don't think I am willing to wait till summer '97
| for the twin turbo.  I am unsure, given the info you'all gave me, when the
| 30v will be in the A4. The other problem I am trying to figure out is why
| buy an S6 over a nice used (hard to find) S4.
| Thanks again,
| Oh, should I forget all this and hop up my car or is it silly?
| Michael Lebow
| mpl2@cec.wustl.edu
| 71470,3610 (CI$)
| "... there's nothing in this world beats a '52 Vincent and a 
redheaded girl"