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RE: auction cars

Definitely NOT true!

Auction cars *can* be damaged in some way and many are, but so are many used
and trade-in cars. You need to be careful with both, but 'auction' is not
automatically  = bad and sometimes = excellent deal! I worked as an auction
driver for a summer at the Concord Auto Auction in MA, one of the largest
auto auctions in the US. 'Auction drivers' drive the cars from the *huge*
lot into the auction bays for bidding. The bidders often ask the drivers
'how's' it run?' 'smell OK?' etc, etc, and then you drive 'em back out after
the bidding is complete. Kindah a cool job! Made lotsah extra $$$$ after by
driving cars back to dealerships, etc, etc. Got to drive Porsches,
Bricklins, Mercs, Bimmers and lotsah other 'cool' cars, as well as
piece-o-sh_t cars too..... Gives one a good perspective.

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Go Pat Go!

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