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Help: PS Leak, Identification

Fellow Q-heads:

My poor little 80 has recently developed a small and very inconsistent leak
which by all appearances seems to be power steering fluid.  Because the leak
is usually very small (only a thin spot the diameter of a coffee cup or
smaller), and only happens occasionally (once or twice a week, regardless of
driving conditions, temperature (10 - 103 degrees F. in  last 3 weeks).  The
biggest problem is that I can't seem to locate the source. Occasionally, I
get a *pop* (not CV joints though) when the wheels are turned full either
left or right, *however* this only seems to happen when moving and more
specifically when backing and turning out of driveway/parking spaces.

And one last thing, my brake pressure seems to be significantly lower  the
last few weeks.  Could brake pressure and steering pressure be at all
related to this leak...?

TIA for any tips, tricks, or other help in diagnosing the problem.


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