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"chip" questions on normally aspired motors

Curious minds need to know these things. Perhaps Peter has some 
insight on this.

TAP has a performance chip/upgrade for the 2.2 litre NA I5  JT
engine code. OK I know this motor has no computer; but, they claim an
upgrade for the ecu? and claim 10+hp. any experience out there on
this? I tried to get info from them on this several months ago and
from what little they would say, I interpreted this to be,
essentially,  nothing more than a re-curved distributor. Anyone
know what is really done?

They, and I assume Superchips does too, have a chip for the NF motor
(130 hp). Has any one any experience with this one? Do these "chips"
remove or change the RPM limits? What are the effects of these
modifications with other performance enhancements such as increased
compression, cams, match porting etc.

If anyone has installed one of these I'd sure like to hear from you. 
Especially is you have benchmarked before and after performance.

Bruce Bell