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Re: backward compatibility

You want to trade your Torsen drive train for the earlier non Torsen?

The Torson was used in the 80 and 90 Q's from 88 up. Non Torsen from 
'84-87 in the 4Kq and the TCQ's. Your car has a 4.11 diff ratio so if 
you change with an earlier system you must replace the whole drive 
train, trans, center and rear diff, since the 4Kq from '85-87 
used a 3.89 ratio. '84 4Kq's did use the 4.11 ratio so you might get 
by with just the trans and center diff if you use one of those. 

Why are you doing this? If you do, I'm interested in your Torsen 
unit for my '87 4Kq. 

According to Kent Anderson and others I've talked with about this, it 
will work and has been done. 

On 26 Feb 96 at 9:31, Michael Stricker wrote:

> Does anyone know, from first hand experience, if the 86-88 quattro
> drive train is compatible with the 89-91 quattro drive train.  I am
> looking for specific information regarding swapping out the Torsen
> setup with the center differential setup.
> Thanks in advance.
> Mike Stricker
> 1990 Quattro Coupe

Bruce Bell