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Sigs. advertising and promotion...

Philosophical frays are not my thing. But, after 26 years of marriage I'm
getting more practiced - of course I'm also much better at avoiding them;
but, not today. :)

Most on this list, when recommending parts or services add a disclaimer at
the bottom. Why? Why is this your responsibility? What if you forget your
disclaimer? I have, does this imply we're selling wares or have a vested
interest? NOT! Those who do have a vested interest or are directly selling,
should Identify their posts as such.

I'm concerned by those who may not identify themselves as vendors but "sell"
on the list by developing demand and creating credibility for a product or
service without our knowing of a vested interest. Call it covert advertising
if you will. I'm sure you have all heard the phrase "sell the sizzle, not
the steak" - very effective and most efficient on the Internet in newsgroups
and mail lists where an audience is higly targeted.

I prefer all vendors and would be vendors identify themselves as such. Then,
I have a basis for evaluating what the post means to me. In other words, I
would welcome Peter signing off as president of Superchips. Though not with
a billboard for a sig. I hate billboard sigs. 

Incidentally, this is a two way street guys and gals. Once the vendors are
identified they will be obligated to answer private email tech questions or
risk being labeled as having poor customer service. 

I've been on this list for about two years now. Dan has done an absolutely
wonderful job with this list. Just the right amount of "being there when
needed." Dan, with the exception of my concern above, I am in total
agreement with your position on this topic.

Btw since I just posted on a topic that relates to my business, I am
obligated to offer a disclaimer here. My company provides software and
services for media companies doing advertising research and sales
presentations - mostly newspapers. Sorry we don't have an Audi model
available yet. :)

Bruce Bell