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87 & 88 TQ Headlights?


        I too have an '88 CSTQ sedan, and I have the inboard "city" lights as w
ell.  In fact all the TQ's I have seen have these.  I don't know why yours does
n't.  Also, check the lense cover....see if it says Hella.  If it is not Hella,
 and is Bosch or something, maybee you have euro-lights or the Bosch replacemen
t counterparts.  I also use my "city" lights when driving around the city here
in the late afternoon and early dusk.  Good for that, but that's about it.

       Graydon - How did you get brighter (higher wattage) bulbs to work in the
re?  I tried the same thing (the yellow bulbs too) and I kept blowing fuses and
they'd go on and off on me.  I finnally switched back to the dealer ones and ha
ve had no problems since.  Did you have to use a relay or something?