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Re: 87 4000CSQ For Sale

>I found this in the classifieds under "classic/speciality cars" in the
>Winston-Salem, NC paper.  I recall some discussion about the CSQ being a rare
>beast.  If its not, please accept my apology.  It's a short ad...
>87 4000CS quattro
>75K totally restored
>I would be happy to check it out for anybody interested.

YIKES!!!  That price is incredibly high!!  WHOA!  I have an '87
4000CSQ that I was trying to sell last summer for about $4800
bucks!  BTW, mine had 87k on the clock at the time.  Ummm... the
'totally restored' part sounds kinda spooky... I mean, if the car
had been neglected so badly that it needed to be 'totally
restored', would you want it?!?!  My car was not perfect, but
there was nothing major that needed repair.  Hmmmmm.... what do the
rest of you Q-listers think about this one?  (Ummm.. this car
doesn't belong to someone on this list does it?  <hoping not to
insert my foot into my mouth> ;)



'93 S4
'87 4000 CS Quattro
'86 XR4ti