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Re: Help, Save My Audi

At 10:07 PM 2/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
-1990 V8 wouldn't go above 2000 RPM was cutting out, felt like a clogged fuel
-flitter, replaced it replaced the 02 sensor problem still there, took to the
-They said it was the speed sensor and due to the car having 55K mi I went to
-replace the timing belts (210.00 apiece) and the water pump they said it was
-best to replace it while doing the belts, OK we are now at around 1600.00
-belts , water pump, and speed sensor. 

-Car still won't go mechanic says it is now the fly wheel (pinion gear). They
-said it was used by the speed sensor to coordinate the firings. He said that
-5 teeth were chewed up by the starter. That is now th reason the car won't
-run. another $1800.00 plus to repair
-($750.00 for starter alone).  So now  I am at  $3400.00 plus. 

-Seeing as this is the first car in my life that ever needed a flywheel due to
-the starter
-especially when there is a one start at a time lock out.  The first one I
-ever heard of using the pinion gear teeth for the speed sensor. 

-My gut tells me  one thing but my lack of knowledge can not rule out the
-possibility they are correct. Does any body know if this is for real?

Hmmmm... This sounds like a dealer on a fishing expedition in your wallet.
I would have the dealer button up the car and find either a) another dealer
or b) an independent Audi mechanic in your area for the proverbial 2nd
opinion.  I would not mention your previous experience. Just see what they
say.   I am not at all familiar with the Audi V8 etc as I have always had
5000 or 5000TQ but these prices seem way out of line. I would think that
you'd have noticed the starter problem before you brought the car in.(This
would not be subtle)  If you didn't, I'd suspect the dealer somehow caused
this problem by carelessness.