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Re: S4 Caddilicked

On Sun, 25 Feb 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> The STS recorded a BEST 0-60 of 7.2 when I flogged one with the vericom,
> torque braking the beast each time....  Car rags best is 7.0.....  The S4 in
> STOCK trim is consistently in the low 6's and 

OK, I sit corrected.  However, you sure you had the 300 HP STS, Scott?  
They feel better than 7.2 seconds.  Maybe its all the rear squat and 
front lift that makes it _feel_ like better acceleration?

> with a peak torque of 257lb/ft
> @ 1950 should easily dust a STS....  The caddy engine is a fine one, but
> maybe in search of a better chassis (or lighter).... 

That's for sure!!!  The caddys handle terrrribly.  Flint has some really 
bad on-ramps, with nasty bumps right in the middle of 40-50 MPH 
sweepers.  They can really upset a poorly done chassis.  I can fly 
through those in my Quattro at 70-80 without any wheel slip, and NO 
corrective steering required.  The STS, Aurora, Riviera, all get really 
darty at those speeds!

> Don't sell the 5ktq
> short either graydon, BTDT with both my toys, caddies have a high propensity

I aint got no tork below 3500rpm.  It just isn't there.  I'd have to be 
real careful to beat those guys without looking like a real boy-racer 
revving it up at the stop light.

> to try bragging at the toll booths here in Chi-town....  A stock S4 in second
> or 3rd has a serious task associated with speed.....

I haven't been able to even get anyone to go!  Everyone around here is too
mature, or they treat their cars as appliances (which most of them are)
Maybe it's just that my Quattro is a little TOO stealthy.  Hmmmmm, let's
see, maybe if I run Goodyear slicks on those 17x8 touring car wheels..... 
a 3"  exhaust, with a 6" dia tip would help a little...... forget the

Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
'86 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, GDS Racing Stage II				
'85 Mazda RX7 GS 12A-leaning-towards-a-13B-soon