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Re: S4 Caddilicked

In a message dated 96-02-25 15:57:07 EST, you write:

>OK, I sit corrected.  However, you sure you had the 300 HP STS, Scott?  
>They feel better than 7.2 seconds.  Maybe its all the rear squat and 
>front lift that makes it _feel_ like better acceleration?

295 to be exact, feels like a train 0-40 but the numbas don't give it the
edge on the caddy....

My friend has indicated a 40hp increase with mods on his car that supposedly
make it "really fast" tho with that thing, oxymoron comes to mind....  S4 has
the advantage, even if you deduct 4.11 gearing, just too good at putting it
to the ground....  BTW, my SVO contact indicated that most production DOHC
4.6's defy the 280 published by a good 30-35hp....  The inside joke there is
the Caddy advertisements poking the f***  engine as sub power....

Not many mods necessary to get a 5ktq to run 7 sec 0-60 times, and awd has a
distinct advantage in doing so graydon....  Given the "must buy US" my buddy
had at work, the STS is a nice car tho.....