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Fwd: Vertissimo

I wrote this directly to Peter, did not copy net, will do so now....  Altho
many of you have more tolerance for this than I, me thinks this "advertising"
on the net has begun, and no one seems nearly as concerned as I..... Peter
has directed mail to Dan S. regarding the Superchips signature deletion from
post scripts, basically agreeing to delete it, now it's back....  IMO, the
stab at his competition was not net-proper and referrals to "we and our"
products, is, Advertising by definition, and so in the signature....  If you
take a close look at the first hand information that rests in the archives, I
don't think the advertising is necessary or desired, and you might be missing
out on some more of the technically competent NON ADVERTISERS available
here.....  Sure my delete key works, tho I think unecessary on this subject,
since the rules of protocol are clear....  Given the seething words of
Peter's competition post ("you'll be lucky to see 2 horse....") is
foreshadowing of posts to come if we then invite Ned and TAP, and Lehmann,
and Hoppen to join the fray....   Dan S., I urge you to control this before
you can't.....  

Technical expertise and BTDT first hand tried it posts have been waning over
the last year, now we're into a more give me the answer protocol....  Not
sure that spirit doesn't dictate the addition of S* ala peterwales et. al. to
this forum....  If that is the direction we are headed, the C&D audi net
might be coming sooner rather than later....  I will re-post that the
addition of Peter Wales, Audi enthusiast is welcome here....  WE ALL know the
connection Peter, and given the spirit of cooperation you first exuded, not
sure why you insist on the continual salutation of the SC flag.....  

I read with most interest the posts following PWales post regarding the NA
20v tweek competition, and found that few netsters (save some real subtle
ones) really thought that was out of line....  Dan, your Unk Bart-like input
would be greatly appreciated here....   Delete on the ready, I remain, 

A minor in a .domo world, flack jacket on....


Forwarded message:
Subj:    Vertissimo
Date:    96-02-24 09:26:54 EST
From:    PDQSHIP
To:      pjwales@magicnet.net
CC:      dan@ans.net

In a message dated 96-02-21 12:19:43 EST, you write:

>One thing I did not do is make any mention of my product.
>Give me a break will you?
>Peter Wales
>President Superchips Inc
>Chairman Superchips Ltd        "Timing is everything"
>Superchips home page with all the answers http://www.superchips.com
....You just did it Peter.....  You had posted some time back that you would
delete the Postscript of your posts, and it;s back.....  You will continue to
get the flack for that, and in fact, I will ask dan to address your protocol
specifically.....  Again, the reference to "our" and "my" this or that
product, is advertising....  Getting information from Peter Wales is kosher,
from Superchips is not, if you think anyone here doesn't equate
PW+Superchips, you don't give us enough credit.....  What other "vendors"
have repeatedly posted the flag on this net?  I haven't seen anyone wish you
ill will here, but at the same token, you have been explained our informal
protocol here, and still "violate" it.  The "stealing" post has no business
being here, and my tolerance for your posts is waning...  Dan, could you
please address this directly.....

Concerned, again