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Big dipper

In a message dated 96-02-25 17:00:35 EST, you write:

>various sources have said that the overboost is worth 14% increase
>in torque, which would correspond to ~280 lbft if we assume that
>the 257 is at 1.8 bars.
>what is the max. boost for the '91 200TQ?  if it is 1.8 bar then
>i would think that the s4's 257 lbft would correspond to the
>2.15 bar boost level, since there's little difference between
>the engines.

257@1950 is MAX, which would assume the "overboost" circuit, and the
difference between the S4 and a stock 200tq20v...  Subtracting that 14% would
be a more accurate reflection of the 20v200tq hp and torque of 217/220.....