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Superchips promotion...

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Robert Myers wrote:

> I have welcomed his comments and would like to hear more of what he has 
> to say.  I would also welcome such comments from Ned and other vendors.  
> Blatant advertising is, I agree, inappropriate but a response to a 
> legitimate enquiry saying, in effect, "this is a solution to your problem 
> asn I have this item available" is welcome knowlege to me.  I realize 

I also have read his comments with interest.  But, when he says in open 
forum that his Superchips company has this item available, that is 
advertising, and should have gone to private email.  First time is no 
biggy either.  But it has to stop.

> that Peter is a businessman but I am willing to give him a break and 
> listen to what he has to say with an open mind.  If I don't like what I 
> read, the big "D" button is close at hand.
> I don't believe that his "advertising" (if that is what you insist we 
> call it) is out of hand.  If it gets out of hand then that is the time to 
> take some sort of action as you suggest.

No, but his slam of the competition was very much out of hand.  I'd like 
to hear BBR's comments on the subject.

I also think that if Peter Wales was here primarily for the Quattro 
commeraderi, that his .sig would tell us which Audi he drives, not what 
company he owns.  Does he even drive an Audi?  Peter?

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