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Fwd: Motorsport News International

>For the 1996 season the AA Fleetcare Super Touring cars will all run 
>on Michelin tyres and this could make a significant difference 
>throughout the field as teams make the minute adjustments necessary 
>to ensure optimum synergy between chassis, suspension and tyres.
>"We have managed to do some testing at Kyalami already," says Andre 
>van der Watt, manager of Audi Sport. "When Audi came out from 
>Germany to do their 'winter' testing at Kyalami we used the occasion 
>to give both the Rothmans Audi drivers, Chris Aberdein and Terry 
>Moss, a chance to run their cars.
Does anyone know the number of Audi Sport, or how to reach Andre van 
der Watt??  I'm going to be in South Africa around the time of this 
event, and I would love to go cheer TEAM AUDI to victroy!


Andre Walker
"Q COUP 91"