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Autobahn in the US?

Hi everyone,

This isn't exactly an audi query, but I thought you guys would be 
uniuqely qualified to comment.  I'm working on a paper on the pros and 
cons of a policy of unlimited speeds for rural stretches of interstate 
in the US.  I would appreciate any insight as to whether you think this 
is a good idea or not (given audi's need for speed this seems a 
no-brainer!).  But seriously do you think this would improve 
transportation efficiency, or just reduce our highways to carnage???  
I'm especially interested in responses from individuals who have 
actually driven the autobahns and can comment on perceived safety, 
average driver speeds, environmental impacts (heard the Black Forest is 
suffering), etc.

I really appreciate any help, and please e-mail me directly at 
walker7@ix.netcom.com or a-walker@nwu.edu (don't want that bandwidth 
getting out of hand!!! ;-)


Andre Walker
"Q COUP 91"
Kellogg '96