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Re: GT sunroof

Coupe' GTs and Ur-Qs came with the tilt & pull-out style sunroofs 'cause the
headrooom is somewhat restricted already due to the extreme rake of the
windscreen and low roofline Vs that of the 4000 see-dans. A powered
retractable sunroof would have really killed headroom in the Ur-Qs and GTs.

A bit if Quattro trivia: did you know that the Sport Quattro has the
almost-verticle (not raked) windscreen and high roofline of the 4000
see-dans and not the nice, steep rake and low roofline of the Ur-Qs and
Coupe' GTs? Examine some photos carefully..... This was to reduce glare at
night for the Pro-Rally guys, hence the kindah extra-funny looks what with
the very short wheelbase and the very upright windscreen. Woodah looked a
*lot* nicer with the Ur-Q 'screen and roofline, IMFO, but, this was another
purpose-bulit homologation-special as was the Ur-Q and they incorporated
this request into the Sport Quattro, as well as others at the request of the
drivers and rally teams.

At 12:20 AM 2/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Since we're on the subject of sunroofs-- Did all Coupe GTs come with the pop
>up/removable sunroof or was the power vent/sliding roof optional?  Would it
>be possible to replace the pop-up with a slider since the pop ups already
>have the same track (at least it looks the same) as the sliders?
>Jesse Almero, Jr.
>Torrance,  CA
>1986 Coupe GT

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