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Re: 1988 5KTQ for sale I BOUGHT IT!!!!

Well, the list puts another owner and Quattro together! Thanks Dan!

And thanks Chris!

I just bought an 88 CSTQ for $5.5k.

Silver/gray leather, just 100k miles, pump, rack, cam belt, wasserpump,
access belts, F&R pads & rotors, front struts all done. Climate control,
brake accum OK. Even has the forged 7" Fuchs wheels & new tahrs! One-owner,
dealer maint (Reitzel & Clair), owner just upgraded this week to an S6
(lucky dog!). All the bits-n-pieces work with the exception of the
obligatory dead driver's seat heat. I'll need to fix that..... Can anyone
tell me how to access the archives and specifically how to find the
seat-heat fixes?

Also, can anyone suggest some smooth, quiet & affordable summer-only tahrs
for the wife's 87 TQW w/7" Fuchs?


73 RA IV 455HO T/A ex-racer
75 Blazer AWD Cabriolet
84 4000SQ racer
85 TQC
88 CSQ
92 Winnebarge-oh

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Go Pat Go!

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